It’s hard to believe that I am about to begin my 7th month in ministry as a gap year worker here in the Tees Valley. As a student myself, just out of secondary school, I would have to say I have experienced many changes since leaving the comforts of my family and home back in the States. The comforts that I once found were no longer at my reach. Looking back, I can now see this has been the most amazing ‘grow-up moment’ in my life because I have learned to lean on the Lord for comfort and support. As a result, I have been more open to listen to Him, truly focusing on His will for all that remains to be done in this wonderful place I call home away from home.

Have you ever had one of those moments when God finally answers your prayers and makes your path clearer? That recently happened to me when someone challenged me to be on fire for God. Before joining TVYFC, little did I know that being a youth worker in the mission field could be such an intense and emotional job. I have found myself getting caught up in the work aspect of ministry rather than focusing on the real reason I am serving in England. There are times I’ve questioned if what I’m doing is really having a lasting impact on the young people I work with. There are times I think to myself, how do we reach the youth we serve? God simply answers, “with love and grace”. This is where this idea of being on fire for God comes in. At times like this, when I really listen, I realise God has set my heart on fire so I can spread that all-consuming fire to the hearts of others.

Shortly after I returned to the UK from Christmas break, we travelled to Manchester for the YFC National Conference. That was where I was challenged to be on fire for God every day. I have been thinking a lot about that challenge lately. Someone once said, “The most powerful force on earth is the human soul on fire”. This statement is so true. If we Christians are on fire for God every day, then we could see a revival happen. We will be able to breathe life in to those who are dead in Christ (Ezekiel 37). There is no limit to what our amazing God can do! Sadly, we are often too content with going to church on Sunday mornings, and occasionally during the week. Yes, I’m guilty of this too. Maybe we need to slow down a little each day and take the time to dwell in His Spirit to truly understand what we are called to do… and reignite that fire in our hearts.

I challenge each of you to get on fire for God by praying and hungrily reading His Word. Let His truth and His Spirit inspire us, filling us with the vision of the great things He wants to do with us and through us! Then let’s do our part by putting our whole heart into whatever tasks we can do for Jesus and others!


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Michaela graduated from Harrison High School. After being accepted into Valdosta State University for Athletic Training, she deferred for a year to come to England. She loves coffee, sweet tea, travelling, and anything Mexican as long as it has queso on it.