When I was younger, I would move around a lot. Always moving every year with tons of obvious changes (i.e. the house, the people, the different places), I found that the one constant I had was my growing faith in God. Every time I’d move, I would feel a sense of peace that would reassure me when I was worried or fearful. It would calm me. Even with all of the instability, God was a stable part of my life.

While I was getting ready for another move – the big one between secondary school and university, my uncle was told about a fantastic opportunity for me to do what I was called to do: be a missionary. Talking to my mom and me about it, I was ecstatic! England! My mind was really excited, but my heart started to grow nervous and worry. England? How am I supposed to raise all the money needed for an entire year? What if I don’t make any friends? What if I don’t do what He’s called me to effectively? All of these thoughts popped into my head and more, when suddenly I felt this peace. God was telling me to go. A scripture appeared in my mind

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and if the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

I knew I would be able to conquer everything required for the big move, because God would lead me and continue to show me the way despite problems I might’ve faced.

Now in England, He’s shown me that despite having moved several thousand miles away from everything I’ve known, the constant people in my life like family and friends, will always be constant, and His love and peace are constant as well. I know I’m always connected to my family through Christ and phone service (thank you Facebook!). Now that I’m here, seeing kids play around in tune to what the youth service is about, shows me that being surrounded by a different culture, with new jobs, things to learn and different foods to try, means that all fears and worries I had are down the drain due to the promise that God is always with me.

Remember that God’s love follows you everywhere you go, and there’s nothing that can separate you from all of His joy, peace, confidence, boldness, and love. No matter what, you’re always connected.

-Natasha Hutzler