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Be Thankful

As we look back on Thanksgiving I have been thinking about my time here so far and the things I have to be thankful for. Yes, this will be a post about being thankful during the time of Thanksgiving/Christmas cliché I know, but how can you not be thankful?

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If You’re Interested

I can remember that while I was considering coming over, I devoured every piece of information I could from this website about the gap year. I watched every video and read every blog… So my hope is that I can encourage you in the Gospel and help to bring clarity.

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But Grace

We sin. We hurt God. We hurt others. We are a part of a bigger picture of the imperfect world we live in. So what can we do? Seems like a pretty bad deal.

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Doing Life

Friends and family were questioning what prompted me to desire something different, co-workers would look at me strangely when they heard I was giving up a year of his life to serve those around me and receive nothing in return, and even I would question myself and why I desired something different from the status quo. The answer?

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How I Ended Up Here

I would say my journey to England began in the summer of 2011 after my dad passed away after struggling with illness for many years. After his passing away, I completely abandoned my faith. I wanted nothing to do with church or God. I was angry, confused, lost and alone.

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We have lots of events happening all around the Tees Valley and beyond. If you’d like any more information, feel free to get in contact with us!