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The Head or the Heart

I did everything I was supposed to do. I studied and made good grades. I went to university. I got a degree. I started my career. I began a retirement plan. I bought my dream vehicle. But none of it was fulfilling me.

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What’s Next?

As a person in my early 20s, I easily become obsessed with what’s next and getting that decision right. As the necessity of choice hangs over me, the pressure from family or peers can cause me to glorify the word calling and stress over figuring things out.

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God’s Chisel

People tell you so much about how you will be changing the lives of those who you invest into, but in my first four months here one of the only lives I had seen changed had been my own.

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Storytelling is a cherished part of life to me, which is why the Parables of Jesus have always captivated me. He was always ready to tell a story that portrayed Biblical truths.

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Lost Perfection

I still remember how I felt when I first saw York, the beautiful city I call home. Everything was just how I imagined it, with quaint buildings and charming people at every turn.

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Early Mornings

It is December. There’s a rustling. Far off at first – softly hidden. Like a crescendo strategically placed in a carefree passage, the rustling turns into a consistent buzz becoming louder to my ears.

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