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We are passionate about seeing young people reach their full potential, and believe that gaining a quality education increases their ability to succeed. While students grow academically, schools provide young people with the opportunity to mature individually and gain skills for a lifetime.


Each week, our staff volunteer in primary, secondary, and collegiate schools across Teesside, providing support in and out of the classroom. Tees Valley Youth for Christ staff serve the schools in a number of ways.



Collective worship

Our workers deliver engaging, creative assemblies where students are able to reflect on topics in ways that are relevant to them.



Whether it’s exploring Christian views in RE, or helping groups of students in other subjects, our staff are available to provide extra support in the classroom.


We offer 1:1 or group mentoring sessions to students who are in need of additional support, often related to behaviour or personal circumstances.



Tees Valley Youth for Christ staff lead interactive lunch time and after school clubs with a range of themes including: music, sport, Christian union, media, and drama.


Tees Valley Youth for Christ recognises that schools hold a special place in society and that any work done by our staff within a school must be in accordance with recognised good practice. We do not believe that any school is an appropriate place for proselytising of any kind. We respect the individual beliefs and values of the diverse range of children and young people we work with.

Our aim is to serve local schools in any way that we can be helpful, and our volunteers have been known to help with things like gardening, moving classroom equipment, chaperoning school trips, and organising an end of term lunch for school staff!

If you are a school staff member, and think that Tees Valley Youth for Christ workers could serve your school in some way, please get in touch with us. We would love to speak with you.

Other activities we offer

Sports coaching

Our sports team, Axiom, lead coaching sessions in football, basketball, volleyball, and other sports and are passionate about using sport to teach young people about developing personal character.

US cultural visits

Tees Valley Youth for Christ hosts groups of American students who travel to Teesside to volunteer with us and experience UK culture. We often link them up with a school to visit for the week, where they might lead assemblies, help in lessons, or put on after school events.

What local schools have to say about Tees Valley Youth for Christ

The King’s Academy has partnered with Tees Valley Youth for Christ for a number of years and in a number of ways. Gap year workers, working three days a week, have helped out in the RE department either by working alongside students to help them manage their behaviour or by contributing to the topic being taught. They have also worked outside the RE department helping out with sporting activities, taking assemblies, being a presence over the lunch times, helping with the Christian Union Club and helping in our Study Support Centre. They have always been very professional in their approach working in accordance with the Academy’s ethos and rules, being good role models and following all safe guarding regulations.

Mission teams that have come in invariably spend 4-5 days in school usually working with the RE department and taking the daily assemblies. A recent team which came in were part of a visiting choir and so worked with the music department. This team also ran an activities/sports event each day after school which attracted a large number of students. Through this partnership the school has also been able to arrange annual visits to America either taking the 6th Form football team or 6th Form RE students to Texas. These visits are highly valued by the Academy and have always proved to be very successful and popular with the students.

John Rhodes

Deputy Head, The King's Academy, Middlesbrough

Over the past 3 years Tees Valley Youth for Christ have been an excellent organisation to work with. They offer so many activities and opportunities for young people to get involved with. The teams of Americans they bring in are always of the highest quality. They are able to inspire the young people of Teesside with their enthusiasm and skills. I have particularly enjoyed the football cage and the basketball clinics they offer, I would recommend them to any school wishing to experience something a little different.
John Stewart

The King's Academy, Middlesbrough

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