Moving to England to do ministry for God. A dream right? Not exactly.

I moved to England after graduating from college and everyone expected for me to be living in some dream world. Like wow! you get to live in England! Isn’t your life just perfect?! People would tell me about how jealous they were of me or they would ask with anticipation about how wonderful everything is. Now don’t get me wrong, living in England is an amazing opportunity and much of it has been wonderful, but I think anyone in ministry could tell you that with ministry comes, well, hardship.

One of the biggest questions that I have come face to face with since being in England is whether I am truly willing to give up my desire for comfort for the sake of Christ. Growing up as a good Christian girl the answer was always an obvious yes, but now that I actually have to give up some comforts, things are a little harder. But here’s a convicting word for you (and for me, this thought sort of wrecked me). Christ died so that I might have LIFE and yet I am hesitant to give up my comfort.


So why did I come to England? Was it to see castles and eat fish and chips and work on my British accent? No. Though those things may be a part of my life now (please don’t ask me to do a British accent), I am here because of the GOSPEL. I came here because I am CALLED. I came here to further Christ’s KINGDOM. I came here to be OBEDIENT. I came here to make much of CHRIST. Do I fail at this? All the time. And I am constantly having to be reminded of why I am here and repent when my heart goes wayward. But when I remember what Christ has done for me and my purpose in this life I am able to give up little comforts for the sake of Christ.


Again, don’t get me wrong. I know that I am not being persecuted like many Christians are today. There is so much more that I could be asked to give up. But I want to be honest about life. Ministry is hard, even in England. But despite hardships and sacrifices, living a life of obedience to God and choosing to live a life of ministry is by far the most satisfying and fulfilling life I could ever imagine. God has done INCREDIBLE things and I know that He is doing so much more that I am not even aware of. Another thing that I know to be true is that I will NEVER regret choosing to live for Christ.

So what’s it like to do ministry in England? It’s hard. It’s wonderful. It’s stretching. It’s rewarding. It’s beautiful. It’s life.


Leah attended Liberty University and graduated in May with a degree in business. Throughout her senior year she felt the Lord calling her to spend at least 1 year in England, and is now beginning her 2nd. She is very passionate about serving people through food & hospitality and by doing life with people.