Seeing the big picture


While working with young people is our primary focus, we know that they are part of families and communities with a much wider age range. If we want to see lasting change in young people, we need to see change in their environment as a whole. To effect change, we try to spend time with young people’s families and neighbours. If they have physical needs, we try to meet them. We offer help with homework, provide positive activities, and talk to them about the God who loves them. We see engaging in communities as a vital way to impact the lives of young people by looking at the big picture.




We live in the communities we are serving because we believe in the impact this can make in us and others by simply being good neighbours.


We aim to be involved in many aspects of community life, to engage with people from all backgrounds, and to meet a range of needs from physical, to emotional, to spiritual.


Being present and involved helps us to tailor the work we do to meet a community’s unique needs, and not assume a ‘one size fits all’ approach.


We want to enable change in our communities and the individuals that are part of them. We hope to see struggles end, relationships being mended, and people living with purpose.

Tees Valley Youth for Christ partners with a number of other organisations who work in the same communities that we do. We believe that good partnerships can multiply the impact we are able to make in an area. If you are a local community project, we would love to hear from you and talk through how we might work together.

How can we help to make a difference in your community?